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Improviser, Composer, Sculptor of compressed air via (prepared) saxophones, clarinet a.o. soundsources

contact: georgwissel (at) online (dot) de


May 2022
very happy to have get another artist's grant from german Musikfonds e.V. for
my project 'picks and ticks', in which i want to examine John Russell's
extraordinary guitar playing and find out what i can learn from it.
I admire John's playing since long and once i had the opportunity to play together.
Unfortunately he passed away much to early in January 2021.
So i'll have to stick to recordings instead of personal exchange.

Our intense research and working phase with C | W / N (cajlan wissel nillesen)
came to a preliminary conclusion, but we'll hike on further on these pathes later
in the year.
I have posted an interim statement on my soundcloud site here.
comments are welcome.
On June, 2nd we'll present our work live in a workshop concert at Tersteegenkirche,

Also continuing the MirroЯ unit's online sessions via sonobus with my saxophone
fellow Tim O'Dwyer from Sinpapore, keeping our duo-work alive and develloping it

Some concerts and new recordings with Simon Rummel Ensemble are coming up, too,
which i am looking forward to happen end of May.

March 2022
rehearsals with our trio CAJLAN-WISSEL-NILLESEN began and we are diving in a very
interesting process, where exploring the idea of a 3-dimensional music audibly
changes our way of playing.

Beside this i am working on a composition for solo-saxophone commissioned to me by
my wonder- and masterful saxophone-collegue Wardy Hamburg.
The overall theme for it has to deal with 'meat' and it turned out to be quite
tricky and demanding for me to find a coherent connection to it. So a lot of
research work had to be done in the last few weeks until i think that i have
now found a point where to start from.

Australian bird-sound project is finished meanwhile; or should i rather say it
came to a first Intermediate stage, as there is still much more to explore.
It mainly affected me in the way to deal with microtonality in melody in a way
that i was searching for for quite a longer time allready, but didn't find a
direct approach to it. So researching on bird sounds provided an unexpected
side-path. Thanks to GVL for supporting this with a Corona artists'-grant.

February 2022
good news! we'll receive the ensemble-grant FEB2 from german Musikfonds e.V
for our trio CAJLAN-WISSEL-NILLESEN. Soon starting off for rehearsals to explore
the idea of 3-dimensional playing.

sad news! due to still unforeseeable pandemic situation CAJLAN-WISSEL-NILLESEN's
concert at this year's Art Acts in Austria has been postponed to 2023.
Same happened to our planned tour with Broken Ghost Consort

Still working on trying to transfer some of south-east australian bird sounds to
my improvisational language. It turns out that this is not quite easy and it will
take a bit longer than i expected.

January 2022
the MirroR Unit's "Sonic Rivers" has got allready several good reviews and is now
available on Bandcamp, too:

"...A recording of outstanding contemporary improvisation at the level of the best outsiders like Urs Leimgruber,
Michel Doneda, John Butcher... in a rare dual combination."
Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg in
"...A small, fine improv festival, not only for saxophone freaks. For them, however, a must." (sim)                      
Simon Camatta in Freistil

"...Chicxulub's tongue twisters are curiously distorted into laughable cabinet pieces, but also touchingly
liquefied in vocal reedyness. Either way, the astonishment factor is even more enormous than the artwork
by David Brown, O'Dwyer's buddy in Bucketrider, suggests."
[BA 113 rbd],
Rigobert Dittmann in Bad Alchemy 113

more releases with other projects and concerts are in preparation. 
I'll keep you posted here.

autumn 2021
Brexit and Corona caused a quite long delay, but a few days ago we finally received
the MirroR Unit's the new CD Sonic Rivers, published on FMR! This concert-recording
was made in lovely cinema room from Alte Feuerwache in Cologne in july 2019.
Very happy with it and the great art work of Dave Brown

MirroR Unit - Sonic Rivers, cover,s

Available now on Bandcamp

Also looking forward to a reunion of our long term quartet Canaries on the Pole
(Mike Goyvaerts-perc, Jacques Foschia-clarinets, Christoph Irmer-violin,
GW-saxo+clarinet), going to play very soon at Ploef in Bruxelles on November,20th.
(if i am right we're playing together now a bit more than 20 years!)

Beside some other concerts i'ld like to mention here, that our trio
the WISSELTANGCAMATTA is going to play at Exploratorium in Berlin
on december, 9th. Hope to see you there.

There are some new videos out on my you-tube channel_GW:
SIN-3 (Beins Lehn Wissel): SIN-3 live 2020 excerpt
and SIN-3 live 2021 full concert

And last but not least we've got a very nice teaser and a full concert video of our
project PHONORAMA -music&drawings, a collaboration of trio CAJLAN-WISSEL-NILLESEN
with visual Artist Anna Lytton.
whatch here: PHONORAMA teaser
and PHONORAMA -music&drawings, full concert

August/September 2021
coming back from an extended holiday journey through the west-balcans with lot's of hiking and swimming i am getting back on the block first with two more performances
of PHONORAMA -music&drawings- at wonderful
Saxstall in Pohrsdorf (20.08.)
and after several attempts, which all failed due to Covid19 pandemy, now finally in
Cologne at Alte Feuerwache (27.08.) fb event PHONORAMA Köln 27.08.2021

For september Tim O'Dwyer and me, we are looking forward to the release of our
duo's the MirroR Unit second CD sonic rivers on FMR. This concert-recording has
been made in lovely cinema hall from Alte Feuerwache in Cologne in july 2019.
David Brown
created an exciting art work for the cover. You'll see, i'll keep you

Then i will continue to work on my next acousmatic composition
"one digs doors and windows / man gräbt Türen und Fenster" for which i have made
still some additional recordings of empty spaces in Croatia and Bosnia during my
summer travels.

Last but not least i am very much looking forward to playing several concerts with
WIO -WuppertalerImprovisationsOrchster, Wuppertal, 03.09.
Beins - Gordoa - Wissel, Cologne, 06.09.
Munich, 11.09.
a brief tour in Metz (F) 17.09., Strasbourg (F) 18.09.,Trier (D) 19.09.,
Cologne (D) 29.09.
SIN-3 Beins-Lehn-Wissel, Duisburg, 23.09. and
Experimentale Troisdorf 24.09.

more details on termine/dates

recording the space of Ferhadija mosque, Banja Luka, BiH photo: Georg Wissel

July 2021

the first three concerts of project PHONORAMA -music&drawings- with our trio
CAJLAN-WISSEL-NILLESEN together with visual artist Anna Lytton will now
happen on the month's first week-end:
02.07.2021 20:00 at Kunsthaus Troisdorf facebook event Kunsthaus Troisdorf
03.07.2021 20:00 at Peter Kowald ORT, Wuppertal facebook event Peter Kowald ORT
04.07.2021 18:00 at TUFA, Trier TUFA Trier PHONORAMA
all concerts are made possible with the support of
Musikfonds e.V., mit Projektmitteln der Beauftragten der
Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen des Sonderprogramms Neustart
sowie von der Kunststiftung NRW und dem Kulturamt der Stadt Köln

June 2021
just recently finished my composition "Streifzüge" and made the final mixdowns
end of June. now looking for a place to publish.

mostly working intensly on my actual acusmatic composition "Streifzüge".

the CD Presences: mixed suite for five performers and nine instruments by
Matthew Goodheart and Ensemble Broken Ghost Consort (M. Goodheart -comp, pno,
George Cremaschi -bass, Georg Wissel -cl, Matthias Muche -tbn, Melvyn Poore -tuba)
has just been released on New York label Infrequent Seams!
Download your purchase, or ​listen now in the Bandcamp app.

album cover for Presences: mixed suite for five performers and nine instruments

May 2021
unfortunately concerts scheduled for end of may had to be postponed and
rescheduled again. feels like i am getting some routine in this work.
watch out for new dates in my agenda.

also working on my new acousmatic project 'Streifzüge' for which i am
collecting field recordings whilst strolling through my home town Cologne.
even 'caught' the song of a nightingale one early morning.
!amazing sounds! to which you might listen here: Nightingale
but i am still not sure, if it will find a place in the composition.

April 2021
two new videos of two of my current projects are online now:

the WISSELTANGCAMATTA live at domicil

the W I S S E L T A N G C A M A T T A
-on the edge of improvised music, sound scapes and free jazz-
Simon Camatta -drums, percussion
Achim Tang -bass
Georg Wissel -alto sax, clarinet and preparations


PHONORAMA, april 2021

Dušica Cajlan -extended piano
Etienne Nillesen -extended snare drum
Georg Wissel -(prepared) alto sax
Anna Lytton -drawings and animations

the CD "Prickly Tenacity & Sublime Sensations" with
Klaus Treuheit - piano & cembalo, Lou Grassi - percussion and me on alto-/tenor sax
recorded at Bayrischer Rundfunk allready back in 2007
will be broadcasted at 0:10 CET on April, 28th on BR2

March 2021
just preparing a new acoustic and visual collaboration project with our trio


with Dušica Cajlan - extended piano, Etienne Nillesen - extended snare drum,
Georg Wissel - (prepared) alto sax and Anna Lytton - drawings and animations

first rehearsals have been quite promising.

premiere was planned for mid of april 2021 in Cologne, but due to covid19 pandemic
is now postponed to april, 18th at CUBA Kultur, Münster with a live streamed concert.
more performances in may, june and july (see termine/dates).

February 2021
new CD released recently on KTMP: "Prickly Tenacity & Sublime Sensations" with
Klaus Treuheit - piano & cembalo, Lou Grassi - percussion,
Georg Wissel - alto-/tenor sax
recorded at Bayrischer Rundfunk allready back in 2007, but still sounds fresh.
available digital at apple music, amazon and physically directly from Klaus Treuheit
and to be listened to at: you tube
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