Georg Wissel *1964,
Improviser, Composer, Sculptor of compressed air via (prepared) saxophones, clarinet and other soundsourcesWissel made his first important experiences in Improvised music recording and touring in the late 80ies in Germany, France and Southamerica as guest musician of ‚Pöhlmusik‘ along with Jon Rose.
Inspired by collaborations with electronic musicians, he began also (beside working on instrumental playing-technics) searching for new sounds by preparations,which by the time has become an integral part of his playing.

He is working internationally, performing solo under the title ‚The Arte Of Navigation‘ and together with numerous exponents in Improvised music whilst he maintains long term collaborations with his duos along with acclaimed percussionist Paul Lytton, ‚electrosapiens‘ Joker Nies, australian saxophone fellow Tim O’Dwyer

and ensembles like
‚the WisselTangCamatta‘, ‚Cajlan-Wissel-Nillesen‘, ‚BlankDisk Trio‘ and ‚Canaries on the Pole‘, Simon Rummel Ensemble, Wuppertaler Improvisations Orchester, La Grande Banda Metafisica…
Wissel has been regular member of Frank Koellges‘ Adam Noidlt Missiles until his death in 2012.

collaborations with … Liz Allbee, Lawrence Casserley, Nicolas Collins, George Cremaschi, Gunda Gottschalk, Matthew Goodheart, Lou Grassi, Tomaz Grom, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Erhart Hirt, Peter Jacquemyn, Miako Klein, Frank Köllges, Marcelo Maira, Matthias Müller, Dan Peck, Tim Perkis, Melvyn Poore, Manja Ristic, Alan Silva, Lukatoyboy, Michael Vorfeld, Siew-Wai Kok, Rie Watanabe, GeSuk Yeo, LondonImprovisersOrchestra, Ensemble hand werk, Norbert Stein’s Pata on the Cadillac …

Festival appearances at e.g. „Moers Festival“; „Schumannfest“, Düsseldorf; „RingRing new music Festival“, Belgrade; „Humanoise Congress“, Wiesbaden; „Triennale“, Köln; „Free Music Festival“, Antwerp, „TransArt“, Bolzano, „Jazz and More“, Sibiu, „Irtijal“, Beirut, „Audio Art“, Krakow, „Relincha“, Valdivia, Chile, „Tsonami“, Valparaiso, Chile, „C.H.O.P.P.A.“, Singapore, „China Shanghai International Arts Festival“, „the Now now“, Sydney, „Audible Edge“, Perth, „Sound Out!“, Canberra, „MIUC 20th birthday“, Melbourne

CD and Radio productions e.g. WDR, BR, Radio Bremen

Cross-genre collaborations with theatre, dance and visual arts

Working on soundscapes with the means of field-recordings is another point of interest since 2010.

Furthermore, like as a negative/counterpart to improvisation, he concernes himself in composition, whereas dealing with the subject of geography and geometry is an important point of his interest.

Wissel engages in music educational programs, where he regularly holds workshops in public schools, dealing with sound-exploring, contemporary music and improvisation. He is also member of Cologne based artists‘ pool ‚KlangKörper‘ , an association of musicians and dancers, working together with children in bringing together sound and movement.

more info and sound at:

„… Wissel not only carries an impressive cargo of once exotic techniques, he also steers an assured and efficient course. Overtones and multiphonics are incorporated as the stuff of the music rather than tacked on as arbitrary embellishments. It all makes sense and is the right length enough to hold the imagination without draining it.“
Julian Cowley, THE WIRE, about „the Arte of Navigation“ CD


Pöhl Musik -Maschinenstürmer (AufRuhr Records 1986)
Bull´s Eye Ensemble – Live at Stadtgarten, Cologne (nurnichtnur, 1997)
TroisVenture -TroisVenture (nurnichtnur, 1999; mit Paul Hubweber, Joachim Zoepf)
Erik Satie Projekt – einen Moment lang sichtbar sein (Selbstverlag, 2000)
Georg Wissel solo -The Arte of Navigation (nurnichtnur, 2001)
Canaries on the Pole – Canaries on the Pole (Free Elephant, 2005; mit Jacques Foschia, Mike Goyvaerts, Christoph Irmer)
Blank Disk Trio – u ČudnojZemlji – im KomikerLand (nurnichtnur, 2007; mit Robert Rozsa, Srdjan Muc)
Rüdiger Beckemeier – Freundschaftsspiele (nonem, 2007 mit Dusica Cajlan-Wissel, Rüdiger Beckemeier)
Christoph Irmer, Klaus Treuheit, Georg Wissel – Katachi (KTMP, 2008)
Canaries on the Pole – #2 (creative sources, 2008)
Georg Wissel solo – the Arte of Navigation II (whistledogs 2010)
Georg Wissel solo – Mind The Gap, for soundscape and Soloist (whistledogs, 2011)
Norbert Stein – Pata on the Cadillac (pata music, 2012)
Wissel&Nies – Corpus Callosum (acheulian hand axe, 2013)
Georg Wissel & Joker Nies – Corpus Callosum live at Bunkier Sztuki (Plyta z Audiomatu, Audio Art Kraków, 2013)
Cajlan-Wissel, Markulin, Wissel – Tragovi (DVD, whistledogs, 2014)
the WISSELTANGCAMATTA – movements (creative sources, 2015, mit Achim Tang, Simon Camatta)
Mirror Unit – wind makes weather (creative sources, 2015, mit Tim O’Dwyer)
Erik Satie Projekt – einen Moment lang sichtbar sein (re-edition Berslton, 2016)
Simon Rummel Ensemble – Nichts Für Alle (umlaut records, 2016)
Simon Rummel Ensemble – Im Meer (umlaut records, 2017)
the WISSELTANGCAMATTA – indes (Umland Records, 2017)
Delon Maira Morales Wissel – CONFIANCA & GEDULD (nurnichtnur Berslton, 2017)

CAJLAN-WISSEL-NILLESEN – fourtyfour fiftyhree (creative sources, 2019)