WISSEL&LYTTON … WISSEL&NIES … the MirrorUnit … TRAGOVI (tracks)


Paul Lytton, percussion 
GW,(prepared) alto- and tenorsax 
GEORG WISSEL PAUL LYTTON 05 SMGeorg Wissel refers himself also as Sculptor of 
compressed air.Beneath extended saxophonostic 
playing-technics uses just as well miscellaneous 
implements for the modification of his instruments‘ 
voice. Paul Lytton is playing his 'table', whereupon he 
arranges and animates a plethora of diligent selected 
soundgenerators from percussion and household. In this 
aspect Wissel & Lytton's set-up gives the impression of an (acoustic) manufactory.
In the course of their Improvisations the listener becomes witnesses of an open
associative artistic process, in which the two create a lively and well 
differenciated noise-sound-art-music. As a duo Wissel and Lytton are working 
together since 2006. They have been performing a.o. at „RingRing“ international
new music festival 2012 in Belgrade, Serbia.

listen on soundcloud: WISSEL&LYTTON

WISSEL&NIES (D) – Corpus Callosum

'electro sapiens' Joker Nies, bended sound devices,
Buchla and custom made synthesizers 
GW (prepared) altosax
Due to a kind of an invisible corpus callosum both, 
Wissel and Nies, are capable to produce sounds 
referring as well to pure frequency and sound 
structures, as to a communicative and narrative approach
including bizar melodies. Clichés relating on the 
emotional or technical character of their instruments 
are getting obsolete. Beside lot's of club-gigs 
WISSEL&NIES performed at Kölner Musiknacht and Audio Art Festival in Kraków, Poland
CDs: 'Corpus Callosum', Acheulian Handaxe, New York, 2013
'Live at Bunkier Sztuky', Audiomat, Kraków, 2013
listen on soundcloud: WISSEL&NIES    Wissel&Nies

the MirrorUnit (D/AUS)

Tim O'Dwyer (prepared) altosax 
Georg Wissel (prepared) altosax  
DSC_0919_crtwo Altosaxophones,
two Improvisers and 
two Explorers, too 
Sharing common ground in improvisational language and 
extended techniques but approaching these materials 
in diverse and disparate practice, O’Dwyer and Wissel 
come to together to celebrate the art of saxophone 
CD: 'wind makes weather', creative sources, 2015
South East Asia tour in January 2017, Australia-tour
in January 2018
listen on soundcloud: MirrorUnit


Dušica Cajlan-Wissel, melodika, extended piano          
GW (prepared) altosax
IMG_2175_crImprovised music 
Beside other concerts Dušica and Georg appeared 
along with visual Artist Irma Markulin in an 
collaborative installation/performance-project, 
playing Improvised music combined with chips of 
folksongs from the west balkans. 
Performances took place at Galerija HUB in Belgrade
and Galerie Moltkerei, Cologne, Festival Audio Art, 
Kraków 2017, Mini Resonare, Brussels 2019
listen on soundcloud: DiG   Tragovi
watch on vimeo: https://vimeo.com/111519750