the Arte of Navigation … MIND THE GAP

„the Arte of Navigation“

navigations for (prepared) saxophones
img_5965_crthe first activity is the starting-point and possibly may be 
planned in advance. henceforward i have to find my course 
(and the appendant territory) on my own.
"As I had nothing to assist my memory, I could not determine 
whether these islands were a part of the New Hebrides or not: 
I believed them perfectly a new discovery, which I have since 
found to be the case; but, though they were not seen either by 
Monsieur Bougainvilleor Captain Cook, they are so nearly in the 
neighbourhood of the New Hebrides, that they must be considered as part of the same 
group. They are fertile, and inhabited, as I saw smoke in several places." 
William Bligh, friday, may, 15, 1789

CD: 'the Arte of Navigation', nurnichtnur, 2001
'the Arte of Navigation II' (whistledogs 2010)
Tournee to Chile with 'the Arte of Navigation-and Carambolage' with concerts in 
Valdivia, Valparaiso and Santiago and at sound-art festivals RELINCHA and TSONAMI 
in november/december 2016 and festivals 'Audible Edge' and 'SOUND OUT!' 
in Australia and 'CHOPPA' in Singapur Jan-Feb 2018
listen on soundcloud: SOLO

„MIND THE GAP“, for solosaxophone and ‚tape‘


The acoustic snapshots, which I have collected during a journey to 
the south of England and London in April 2010, have been serving as 
source material for two versions of this iterinary's log.

The first and longer one uses this material in a chronological order. 
Also bits of speech and atmospheric elements are occuring hereby. 
This is a - in some aspect also documentary - version of about 50 minutes lenght 
and will be occasionally played as background loop previous to my live performances 

For a second version (36') I have focussesd more on the sound qualities of the 
source material. However this material has not been editied in it's physical 
acoustic structures. effects emerge only from multiplications and layers. Here 
chronological aspects play no role at all. This version now serves as a 'playback 
tape' (oh yes, technique changed a bit since the days of Stockhausen and Ligeti) 
for my 'sculptures of compressed air', as which I like to refer to my Improvisations.

CD: 'Mind The Gap, for soundscape and Soloist' (whistledogs, 2011)
listen on soundcloud: MIND THE GAP

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