2+2=3:WISSEL_LYTTON_NIES … the wisseltangcamatta … CAJLAN-WISSEL-NILLESEN … BlankdiscTrio


Georg Wissel, (prepared) saxophones
Paul Lytton, percussion
Joker Nies, Buchla synth, bended custom made electronics
141025-WisselLyttonNies, by Sergio Oliveira
Wissel’s long term duos with percussionist Paul 
Lytton and ‘electrosapiens’ Joker Nies combined
to a new trio, which provides an (not only in the 
algebraic sense) adventurous blend of the sounds 
from Lytton’s well assorted percussion, Nies’ custom 
made electronic instruments and Wissel’s prepared 
The Trio had premiere in occasion of a tour in october 2014 in germany and austria.

listen on soundcloud: 2+2=3


- on the edge of free Improvised music, soundscapes and free Jazz -

Achim Tang doublebass
Simon Camatta drm/percussion
GW (prepared) alto-sax, clarinet
wissel-tang-camatta_web_2_foto-gerhard-richter_crtaking delight in microsonic noises and spontaneous
energetic communication paired with a sense for the 
absurd and bizarre sides of sound
Since 2013 the WISSELTANGCAMATTA have performed at
numerous concerts on club- festival- and radio 
stages. Regulary working together and improving 
their music, the three musicians meanwhile have 
developped a virtually blind understanding in their
interplay. Surprising changes of dynamics, density, tempo, melodious phrases, 
noise or layers occur with natural ease.
WDR live-broadcasting 2014
Winterjazz festival, Stadtgarten Köln 2015
RingRing new music festival, Belgrade, Serbia, 2016
Umland Festival, Domicil, Dortmund, 2016

'movements', Creative Sources, 2015
'indes', Umland Records, 2017
listen on soundcloud: live the wisseltangcamatta


parallelograms and english soups

Dusica Cajlan-Wissel, prepared piano 
Etienne Nillesen, prepared snare-drum
Georg Wissel, prepared alto-sax
All three musicians are researching intensively 
on the sound's aspects and possibilities of their
instruments. That's why preparations play an 
important role in this trio.
Since autumn 2015 CAJLAN-WISSEL-NILLESEN come 
together to continously develop their ensemble's 
improvisational language, which oscillates between 
soundscapes and pulsating percussive elements.
In september 2016 CAJLAN-WISSEL-NILLESEN premiered with a live-broadcasted concert at Großer
Sendesaal, WDR in Cologne.
CAJLAN-WISSEL-NILLESEN arbeiten seit Herbst 2015 
kontinuierlich an der Weiterentwicklung ihrer 
eigenen konzentrierten Sprache der freien 
Die verschiedenen Qualitäten von Klang , Ton und 
Geräusch stehen dabei im Zentrum ihres
Zusammenspiels; Akzentuierungen entstehen durch 
rhythmische Verzahnungen der Spieler.
Alle drei Musiker forschen darüber hinaus seit langem intensiv an der Erweiterung 
der klanglichen Möglichkeiten ihrer Instrumente. Deswegen machen sie bei ihrer 
Zusammenarbeit ausgiebig von Präparationen des Flügels, Altsaxophons, sowie der 
Snaredrum Gebrauch.
Premiere hatten CAJLAN-WISSEL-NILLESEN Im September 2016 mit einem Konzertmitschnitt
aus dem großen Sendesaal des WDR.
Im Dezember 2017 hatte das Projekt 'lingua franca' für Zuspielbandkomposition und
improvisierendes Ensemble mit CAJLAN-WISSEL-NILLESEN in der Kunst-Station 
Sankt Peter in Köln Premiere.

listen on soundcloud: CAJLAN-WISSEL-NILLESEN
watch on vimeo: lingua franca

 BlankDiscTrio (D/SRB)

Srdjan Muc, e-git 
Róbert Rózsa, electronics and amplified objects 
GW, (prepared) altosax BDT,IMG_0967,klein
The music chirps, rustles, squeaks and layers in pure
delight. In seemingly undesigned play the three 
protagonists are cocooning their yarn. Thereby 
creating a fascinating blend of Róbert Rózsa's and 
Srdjan Muc's electronically generated and edited 
sounds and the all acousticly and via preparations 
alienated voice of Georg Wissel's saxophones.

2005, looking to find contacts to Improvising 
musicians in Serbia, Bojan Djordjević from B92-Radio
recommanded me to get in touch with Srdjan und 
Róbert, being engaged as duo BLANKDISC allready long 
time and intensely in Improvised music. To get to 
know each other appeared to be auspicious. 
And -Bingo! – our first meeting turned out to be so exiting, that it was no 
question to decide to work on as well as BLANKDISC TRIO. 
After working together continiously, recording and performing mostly in serbia in 
the following period, the year 2011 brought them for some concerts to Germany, 
performing at 'Balkan Improvisers Festival' at Stadtgarten, Cologne a.o., as well as
for a short tour to Switzerland in february. 

CD 'im KomikerLand-u ČudnojZemlji', Berlston/nurnichtnur, 2007
"live at Klupce" on netlabel otompotom;

listen: BDT